DKC Development Team

David Clemens

Managing Partner

David is an experienced private lender, real estate developer, and entrepreneur. He provides hard money loans to real estate investors for residential and multi- family redevelopment projects as well as new residential construction. He is a developer, loan underwriter, and servicer. David was previously founder of Lightning Property Services, a property services and project management company, and Chief Operating Officer for WLW Capital. He has managed the completion of numerous multifamily redevelopment projects and dozens of new construction single family homes.

Raised in a “real estate family” in upstate New York, David was a high school All- American soccer player. He was an All-ACC player and captain for the Virginia Tech men’s soccer team. David was the Assistant Club Director for New River United Youth Soccer. Following graduation from Virginia Tech with a degree in communications, he was a professional soccer player for Dayton Dutch Lions, FC Tucson, and Tampa Bay Rowdies. David is married and enjoys spending time with his family and friends. He is an avid boater, triathlete, and runner who continues to coach and play soccer.

Mike Jones

Operations Director & Partner

Mike is an entrepreneur, real estate investor, and construction development manager. He brings an extensive background in real estate acquisitions, construction management, sales, and leadership. Previously, Mike founded a residential remodeling company. He has experience in project management, planning, budgeting, and all phases of construction. Mike is an active real estate investor that buys and sells residential single-family homes, rentals, and vacation rentals. Mike is President of Elite Cash Buyers that specializes in the acquisition,
management, and disposition of real estate properties. 

Raised in the Tampa Bay area, Mike enjoys spending time with his wife, family, and friends. He is an active member of his church in Tampa and passionate about contributing to the spiritual growth and development of his community. His Elite Network events provide networking, education, and training opportunities for real estate professionals in Tampa Bay. Mike is a mentor to buyers, sellers, and real estate investors looking to optimize their investment opportunities. Mike is a triathlete who enjoys boating, fitness training, and running

Rob Faw


Rob Faw is an experienced entrepreneur, business consultant, and board-certified master coach with expertise in business, executive, and leadership coaching. He was previously chief executive officer of a communications company that was a worldwide leader in digital networking technologies and president and vice chairman of a British software company. Rob was formerly a director of global business development for a Fortune 50 technology company. Rob was also co- founder of a fiduciary trust company with a background in residential and commercial development, construction, and property management. 

Rob has been on the boards of numerous privately held technology companies and was previously on the board of a palliative care social benefit company and a non-profit family counseling organization. Rob works with non-profit organizations to support their faith-based missions in the U.S. and internationally. Rob is a U.S. Air Force veteran, Ironman, and a 70-time marathoner. He is currently a doctoral candidate in organizational leadership at Liberty University. Rob has traveled extensively worldwide and lived and worked in Toronto, London, Chicago, and Silicon Valley. He and his wife reside in Safety Harbor, Florida.

Caleb Delgado


Caleb is an entrepreneur and one of the most prominent loan originators in Tampa Bay with extensive experience in hard money lending and mortgage banking with firms like Fidelity Borrowing and Alliance Mortgage Banking. He has previously been a loan officer, supervising loan offer, and today, is a partner with DKC Lending where he brings his experience, work ethic, and passion for real estate investing. With two decades of experience investing and selling his own real estate portfolio, Caleb has navigated market fluctuations with consistent success. He specializes in providing private financing for real estate investors.

Raised in New York, Caleb played college soccer and actively engaged with his family, community, and business interests. During the financial crisis in 2008, Caleb moved to Florida and held numerous executive sales and business development positions in financial, development, and healthcare companies. In his spare time, Caleb loves boating, networking, and spending time with his daughter, family, and friends. He continues to play soccer and is an active member of his church in Clearwater. Caleb brings energy, passion, and perseverance to all of his relationships and helps others with his selfless support.

Maddie Lamb

Administration Manager

Maddie is administrative professional and magna cum laude graduate of the University of South Florida with a degree in Business Management. She has experience in the hospitality, recruiting, sports retailing, and real estate industries with expertise in communications, marketing, and social media. Maddie has a strong attention to detail and organization as reflected in her support of development planning, real estate transactions, and networking events. She has demonstrated proficiency in transaction coordinating, sales support, and data
management analytics.

Maddie is a Florida native who is recognized as a national honor society member who competed in soccer, track and field, and cross-country. She is passionate about animal protection and is a proud owner of two miniature poodles. Maddie was previously a member of a students against destructive decisions club that provided resources for community youth and develop their self-esteem. She has been an active volunteer with the Maddie Williams Neighbourhood Center that provides assistance to families in need. Maddie enjoys walking, fitness training, pickleball, and spending time with her family and friends.